Venue information
Elisava Design School, BarcelonaElisava (www.elisava.net) will be the main venue of the EPIC for registration, workshops, and presentations. The school has an enviable location at the end of La Rambla, close to the Old Harbour (Port Vell), enhancing its characteristic cultural vitality. Please take note of the address – ELISAVA Design School. La Rambla 30-32, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Hotels and rental apartments
All hotels are located in the city centre of Barcelona and within 5-25 minutes walking distance from the conference venue:Hotels: http://www.nh-hotels.com/nh/en/hotels/spain/barcelona.htmlApartments: http://inventiaclick.com/en/
Transportation – Arriving to Barcelona
Reaching Barcelona by air is very convinient from most parts of the world. The international airport Prat was expanded for the Olympic Summer Games in 1992 and in 2009 it was further complemented with the new Terminal 1,  increasing the number of international connections. Please refer to the airports’ web page for more detailed information on what international cities are directly connected with Barcelona and which airlines operate: http://www.aena-aeropuertos.es/csee/Satellite/Aeropuerto-Barcelona/en/Page/1045569607363/.The city centre of Barcelona is fast and easily accesible from the airport using taxi, bus or train:

  • Taxis depart from the arrival hall in Terminal 1, and infront of the terminals T2A, T2B and T2C in Terminal 2. It takes about 20-30 minutes to go into the city centre and the price is approximadtley 25 Euros (app. 35, 51 USD) with a supplement of 1 Euro (app. 1, 42 USD) for each suitcase – http://www.taxibarcelona.cat/tabid/2099/Default.aspx.
  • The airport buses, Aerobus, connect the airport with the centre of Barcelona leaving every 5 minutes, every day of the year. It takes about 35 minutes to the city centre from either of the two airport terminals (T1 or T2) and the price is 5, 30 Euros (app. 7, 53 USD) for a single and 9, 15 Euros (app. 12, 11 USD) for a return ticket. The route covers strategic stops in the city such as Plaça Catalunya (the Catalonian Square) which is located within the area of the conference venues and hotels – http://www.aerobusbcn.com/index.php/en.html.
  • A third option is to reach the city center by train which in 30 minutes from Terminal 1 will drop you off at the Estació França; one of Spains oldest trainstations situated just a few hundred meters from the EPIC conference venue and close to the hotels – http://www.renfe.com/viajeros/cercanias/barcelona/index.html.
  • If there would be a need for hotel transfers this could be arranged at a cost of 55 Euros (app. 78, 13 USD + taxes). The price includes pick up inside the terminal by the driver and a private ride in a Mercedes to the hotel (maximum 3 people). The same price is applied for a transfer from the hotel back to the airport.
Transportation – Around the City
To move around within Barcelona city centre the EPIC conference facilities, as well as many of the touristic spots, are within walking distance of each other. It is very comfortable and pleasant to walk around in the city, especially in the area of the conference venue and hotels as many of the streets in the old district are narrow and with limited traffic. The tree lined pedestrian-street La Rambla runs from Plaça Catalunya and all the way down to the Port Vell (the Old Harbor) passing by the conference venues and hotels.For the times you don’t feel like walking, taxis and public transport are easily accesible throughout the city:

  • Barcelona has over 10.000 taxis easily identified by their yellow and black color. They have a clearly visible green light on the roof indicating availibility when its lit. A 10 minute ride within the city costs about 7 Euros (app. 9, 94 USD) – http://www.taxibarcelona.cat/tabid/2099/Default.aspx.
  • The city is also equipped with an efficient public transport network. To move around within the city centre the metro, buses and tram are the most convinient alternatives. You can buy a one-day travel card for 5, 30 Euros (app. 7, 53 USD) or a 10 travels card for 7, 85 Euros (app. 11, 15 USD) at any metro station or at the tourist office at Plaça Catalunya – http://www.tmb.cat/en/home.

Recent Posts

Invitation to a discussion on the future of ‘EPIC Europe’

Dear Friends of the Barcelona Meeting and ‘EPIC Europe’,we have an opportunity now to craft a new organisation that supports our community and builds on the networking and knowledge sharing begun in Barcelona. So lets talk about our future direction. If you came (or wanted to come) to Barcelona or are someone  interested in applied ethnography in business or organizational contexts in Europe, please join the conversation on our future.We believe it is important to have a public discussion on our core mission and scope, particularly as in our own recent internal discussions two somewhat different views emerged.

What should our core mission be?
a. One view holds that our organizational focus should be on new ways of thinking about design and innovation and the changes that we want to initiate. This view recognizes that the idea of ethnography may be what motivates many, but is still interested in widening our future mission beyond a method and beyond ethnography.b. The other viewpoint, which currently is probably the majority, is that ethnographic ways of thinking and knowing are our current common denominator and glue and should be so in the future. This view also wants to explore the wider context of new approaches to design and innovation but with a primary starting point in ethnography.
In addition, what scope would be best to build our organization? Should it be globally oriented from the start? Or should it focus first on Europe and over time become global by aligning with similar groups elsewhere?
We invite your contributions to this conversation about the future of “the group formerly known as EPIC Europe” on our LinkedIn group site until October 20th.
We will summarise your thoughts and convene an online conference to move towards a final conclusion and plan for the future. In addition, since several of us will also be at EPIC 2012 Savannah we may be able to squeeze a short meeting in there.Once we have clarity we can continue to build a web platform and start working on a next meeting in the spring of 2013. But one step at a time – now join the conversation. We are looking forward to your contributions!The Barcelona organizers

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