No longer EPIC

Dear Friends of EPIC Europe, as organizers of the Barcelona meeting we want to inform you that our fledgling EPIC Europe network will no longer call itself “EPIC Europe”. The EPIC Board has asked us to not use the EPIC name and brand. Here is a statement explaining this request:

“Recent regional activities by groups in Europe, Asia and Latin America have posed the challenge for EPIC, which started as a conference, to define what EPIC is all about, where it should be headed, and how it should develop. Although appreciating these regional activities, the EPIC Board has nonetheless decided that for now EPIC wants to focus on the global annual conference and along the way take time to more fully consider the aims and implications of advancing EPIC in new and different ways. Therefore, the EPIC Board has asked the regional players to no longer use the EPIC name and brand. This is done in a friendly manner, with interest in future collaboration, and with the hope of broadening the overall landscape of ethnography-related activities, events and organizational forms.”

As the network formerly known as EPIC Europe we appreciate this request and will start a discussion on our future brand and direction soon on our LinkedIn Group (Epic Europe). Stay tuned.

The Barcelona Organizers


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