Call for volunteers

Call for volunteers

We are looking for 15 – 20 students or recent graduates of any discipline to act as volunteers for the May 11th meeting in Barcelona.

What do volunteers do?

We will need people to act in the following roles:

  1. Recorders/scribes who document discussions and presentations
  2. Help with logistics before and throughout the event
  3. Manning the registration desk and helping orient arriving participants
  4. Videography and photography at the event

 What do volunteers get?

  • A chance to network with some of Europe’s leading practitioners and buyers of ethnographic services.
  • Exposure to expert thinking on methods and process, how to create and deliver value in a business context, and to be part of the conversation about where EPIC Europe as a community should aim for.
  • Free admission to the conference.
  • An awesome t-shirt that will become your most prized wardrobe item.
  • Fun days in beautiful Barcelona!

 What are the requirements?

None really, except the ability to make a firm commitment and follow through on it, as well as an interest in the topic. (You don’t need to be an anthropologist or have experience in corporate ethnography or consumer research) We are hoping to find a as many bilingual Spanish/ English speakers as possible, so please let us know if you fit that description. You should be available from Thursday May 10 early afternoon for a short on-site briefing.

Next steps

If you are interested and available, please contact or


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